Professional Videos and Why You Need One

professional videos

Welcome to 2017. The year of the videos, some might say. We are now in an era where videos are taking up most of the content on the internet today. Professional videos, educational skits, vlogs. Everywhere we look, we see a video. When we want to find something out, we jump on YouTube and and get-to-searching. Hmm, it kind of makes you wonder, right? Do you think you’re missing out? Are you thinking about the impact of videos, now?

Professional videos go a long way toward making a visitor comfortable on your website, social media account or blog page. It can help the user decide whether or not they wish to find out more information about your business or company. For many, it can make or break a company name. Well, it’s about time you get yourself a professional video.


You want more sales, right?

Odds are, if you have a video explaining your product, visitors are much more likely to buy it. Videos increase sales by more than 50%. Now, this doesn’t mean you should get out your smartphone and start recording a video about your product. No, hire a professional video service like to correctly script, edit and compose your videos.

Vision is a vital sense, and it controls much of what our brain processes. When users see a video, they are able to instantly relate to your service through visual and sound. Videos force users to watch and listen, while text only encourages them to read on.


The worst video is better than the worst article

Yes, I said it. The worst video really is 10x better than the worst article. Who wants to read nonsense when they can watch nonsense? It’s true you’re more susceptible to watching a terrible video rather than reading a terrible article. Simply put, it’s easier to watch a video than it is to read an article. Video is fed to you while text isn’t. Reading text is much more optional than watching a video.


It makes you look good

Let’s face it. A professional video on a website looks better than a website with no video. When we surf the web and land on a page with a great looking video, it intrigues us. No matter the content, we find ourselves watching the video. It’s because it looks good. We love anything that looks good.

When your videos look good, it makes you look good. It makes your company appear professional and lets users know that you know what you’re worth. You’re confident and willing to show the world what you have to offer.


Search engines love videos

Go into any search engine, such as Google or Bing, and search your favorite topic. Odds are you’re going to find a video or two. They pop up first in search engines when they are properly optimized with SEO. Consider not only creating a professional video, but optimize it with SEO and keywords. Your video should be the one popping up first when searched for.


Mobile viewing and social shares

Videos encourage users to watch on their cell phones and mobile devices. This, in turn, increases social shares, getting your video passed around the social world. Social media is an underestimated tool than can truly grow your company’s traffic by massive numbers. If your video is shared just once, it encourages others to share it.

When we watch videos on our smartphones, we relate more to them in a personal sense. This is because our phones harbor much of our most prized content. Relating to a user is a hard thing to do, but with professional videos it can be accomplished in under 5 seconds.


Consider using professional videos when users land on your website or social page. Allow to get you your first professional video today.

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